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Councillors have joined local residents angry about a proposed a 7 year programme of sewage works within metres of two local primary schools and a grade 1 listed church in Deptford.The works are planned as part of the Thames Tunnel ‘super sewer’ and would involve 24 hour tunnel boring of the green area off Deptford Church street metres from the new Tidemill school and St. Joseph’s Primary school.

The tunnel would also run directly under the Grade 1 listed St. Paul’s Church. Once the 7 year work programme finishes, the area would be left with a 15 feet high vent emitting raw sewage odours.

Lewisham’s Deputy Mayor Alan Smith said “I can’t think of a worse site for this kind of work. We can see the arguments for the Thames Tunnel but whilst there are alternatives available, there’s no way this should be even considered.”

Father Paul Butler, Rector of St. Paul’s Church said “The Parish Community are very concerned about the plans and understandably so. For the sake of the Deptford Community, local schoolchildren and S. Paul’s Church, the Pearl at the heart of Deptford, this can’t be allowed to go ahead”.

Joan Ruddock MP said, “I have no doubt these works are needed, especially given the proposed increases in the local population but this is the wrong location. This is one of the only green spaces in the area and it’s really valued by the community. Years of tunnelling and the constant movement of HGVs would impose an unacceptable burden on an already congested area.”